Our BLISSful Why

Our Mission

To create taste experiences that inspire positive change and encourage unity, while fostering an environment that promotes service to others

Our Vision

Our passion to inspire is what drives us, and it is that passion that steers our vision to enhance the lives of people and our vehicle is the BLISScake experience

Our Pledge

We pledge to help support local non-profits working to feed those in need through fundraising opportunities, volunteering and social media influence.

Our Story

From DJ to Baker Don “Rhythm” Sparks is turning the difficulties of 2020 into a positive push for spreading Love and BLISS to all... How BLISScakedup was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Here’s a glimpse into his story.

Rhythm is an accomplished DJ, MC, Event Designer & Producer who for years has successfully applied his efforts towards inspiring positive movement from those with whom he interacts, be it on the dance floor at a Bar Mitzvah, at a corporate event he designed, during festivals like the Sprite Liquid Mix or MTV Spring Break, or by way of the music he has created under the name of “ADeeperRhythm.” Like with many others, the pandemic has wreaked havoc with the core aspects of his business, and he faced the immediate end to operating as usual. A baseline assessment of the situation provided a clear and obvious conclusion that any return to normalcy in business would not come until the pandemic was brought under control enough to responsibly celebrate in groups as we used to. Rhythm, a man whose foundation is deeply rooted in his faith, took the time to think and pray through his next steps in an effort to see another path towards his personal bliss…

Many who know him are quick to highlight Rhythm’s positivity and enthusiasm for life. This attitude is extremely prevalent every time you see him rocking crowds or producing electronic dance music. It is also clear when observing him dive into a quality dessert. There would be a ritualistic aspect to how he’d approach consuming a sweet in front of you, only after paying the appropriate homage to how it looked before consumption. The EXPERIENCE is the most important thing, so, it translates that, after a disappointing dessert experience at a restaurant, he decided to take matters into his own hands and come up with his own dessert… One that he could always count on.And so, the experiments began. Taking advantage of potlucks with friends, the occasional dinner guest or visits from friends and family, and, of course after many failed attempts, he finally found his path, and settled on a flavor-infused butter cake. At first there were major adjustments, and then subtle tweaks, which led to a time, finally when he had the product to a place he was happy with and could start spreading his bliss to others... The response was unmistakable… EVERYONE LOVED IT!

Among those who took a more intensive interest was a good friend who owned a boutique burger bar in Atlanta. He tasted it and loved it so much that he decided to make it a featured dessert at his restaurant. After about a month of testing the product among his customers, the response was so positive, BLISScakes was officially conceived and the decision was made to begin the journey into creating a brand in the food space. For Rhythm, the process of creating the artwork, adding flavor profiles and devising the packaging brought about a familiar energy. Seeing the reaction of someone tasting his creation was somehow similar to seeing the crowd react to that track he just mixed in as a DJ. Then, just as awareness was beginning to take hold and interest was percolating, the pandemic hit, and the restaurant shut down!

Core business at a standstill, with the restaurant closed during the shutdown, Rhythm was left with a great product with momentum, but no existing way to get people to experience it. A plan began to formulate, with the assist of some wonderful and talented family & friends…

He launched BLISScakedup.com in June and now anyone in the US can order BLISScakes and have them shipped right to their door! Rhythm started with two staple flavors, Butter-Almond and Chocolate-Raspberry and was open for business. A strictly social media launch led to an outpouring of love yielding over 200 orders in the first 2 months. Rhythm was overwhelmed and is now proceeding forward, excited about the challenge and looking to continue to build and grow the brand, define the variety of ways to increase production & distribution and, of course, continue to help many more during this time of need and beyond. Join the movement, tell your friends & family, have them tell theirs, and let’s Share The BLISS through BLISScakedup!

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